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Let Go

The only sounds I hear right now are the ringing of tinnitus, and the hiss of the forced-air furnace. The sky is dark because it’s early morning. Two small lamps and the glow of the laptop illuminate the music room. … Continue reading

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Stressed Out

Jorge complained that he’s been feeling stressed out more often this year than ever before. Although he’s been practicing stress reduction techniques and meditating more, the anxious feelings continue. Just as he gets his emotions under control, something happens to … Continue reading

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Breaking Free

The last car payment I made was in early 2003. I had paid two payments at a time whenever I could, so my present car was fully my own almost a year before the due date of the loan. In … Continue reading

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Why does simplicity sometimes seem so complicated? That was the question my guru asked during a lecture back in the late 1970s. It’s a question that still lingers in the dark corners of my mind. Perhaps it is a question … Continue reading

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A Day For Sauntering

I like to go for walks on the Nebraska Cowboy Trail. It’s a very long area of real estate that used to be railroad right of way. The actual trail stretches through several counties, so people rarely go for regular … Continue reading

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I accidently left the clock-radio switch in the “auto-radio” position last night.  I awoke this morning to a story about one of the Middle Eastern wars.  I only caught snippets of what was being said by some expert.  She said … Continue reading

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Simply “Be” For Awhile

Recently, I fell prey to some flu viruses.  At first, I tried to deny that I was ill.  I told myself that I was only very tired.  I sat at my laptop trying to compose an email to one of … Continue reading

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