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Pride Month 2022

In order to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month festivities, I’ve usually travelled to a larger city like Omaha, Chicago, or San Francisco in June. Now this quandry has started to end because there are rudimentary events in my small city. Last … Continue reading

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Reflections On Harmonious Partnerships

Regular readers of this blog may remember that I broke up with my long-term boyfriend earlier this year. This was largely due to us being severely out of sync with one another’s core beliefs which resulted in the lack of … Continue reading

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A Major Life Event

Earlier this month, a personal relationship issue was finally resolved. There had been a few major compatibility issues with my long term significant other. After several months of consideration, we amicably decided to part ways. This was a milestone for … Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda

Karl waited for my reaction as I opened the envelope containing the greeting card. I removed the card. On the bright red background was the inscription, “The Gay Agenda”. I opened it and read the phrase, “Be My Valentine”. We … Continue reading

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Pride Month 2020

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly half through June and I haven’t done my annual LGBT+ Pride Month post. I probably┬áplaced it on the back burner because I won’t be attending Pride events in San Francisco this year. This … Continue reading

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Advice From P.T. Barnum To Heed, An Op-Ed

There is a distinctly uncivil, heartless trend these days of certain businesses refusing to do business with particular types of people. As of late and most noteworthy is “Chick fil A” and their aggressive, refusenik attitude towards the LGBT community.┬áThis … Continue reading

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Freedom Is Under Attack

My community is among others under serious attack by the current Administration. It’s painful to witness that the very hard-won freedoms our community has struggled piece by piece to achieve are at grave risk. Whether by executive order, aided by … Continue reading

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