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Pondering Freedom On Independence Day

I’m feeling groggy after having my sleep interrupted by two weeks of people shooting off fire crackers and fireworks. While trying to drop off to sleep yesterday, the resentment built up over the few people who felt free to disturb … Continue reading

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Freedom Is Under Attack

My community is among others under serious attack by the current Administration. It’s painful to witness that the very hard-won freedoms our community has struggled piece by piece to achieve are at grave risk. Whether by executive order, aided by … Continue reading

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With Liberty And Justice For All

Near the end of one of my trips back to San Francisco, I purchased a small campaign-style pin at a book store on Castro Street. The simple, inexpensive souvenir became a precious, almost holy artifact from the time I bought … Continue reading

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Dedication Of Liberty

It was late one October morning several years ago when I boarded the ferryboat to take another load of tourists from Manhattan Island to Liberty Island.  I had earlier thought about skipping the visit to see the Statue Of Liberty … Continue reading

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