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The Film Of Our Lives

Life is not a snapshot. Life is dynamic, dramatic, and action-packed. Life is a movie. Each of us are the featured stars. Every day is a new scene with its own sub-plot and supporting characters. The movie theme is unique … Continue reading

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I have not seen “Orange” the cat for several weeks, but there is another stray that has been investigating me since mid-April. The new cat is a white short-hair that reminds me of the Internet meme cat, “Smudge”. He prances … Continue reading

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There’s a bottle of “Nu Finish” car polish stored underneath the kitchen sink. Although I don’t use it on the car, I use it on various old plastic items around the house to make them look newer and to protect … Continue reading

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Contemplation At The Cemetery

In the distant past, Prospect Hill Cemetery was to the northwest, outside the city limits of Norfolk, Nebraska. In the not so distant past, the city has expanded. Now, the cemetery lies well within the boundaries of Norfolk. One might … Continue reading

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Feeling Grateful For Water

The first chemistry formula most of us learn is H2O. It is the most abundant substance on the Earth’s surface and is the most studied and contemplated chemical compound. Our planet is sometimes called “the water planet” because of this … Continue reading

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Going With The Flow

Last month, the air and ground in my neighborhood was filled with the fuzzy fluff from cottonwood trees. This spring was also noteworthy for an overabundance of dandelions in town. These are examples of plants that use the flow of wind … Continue reading

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It’s The Time To Think About Time

There is something I find troubling about quoting famous people. So many of the pithy sayings are sweeping generalities. I feel this way even though all of my blog posts end with a quotation from a noteworthy person There is … Continue reading

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