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On Limitations

The personal development and self-improvement fields famously promote the idea of exceeding one’s limitations. That is, if we shrink away from expanding our boundaries and skillsets, we probably will not achieve our goals. Generally speaking, this is excellent advise. After … Continue reading

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Accepting Oneself

I struggled to put on and tie a pair of shoes this morning. The shoes are black, fabric sneakers that have unreinforced tongues without midway anchor points for laces to go through to keep the tongues from dropping into the … Continue reading

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In Control

For the most part, fears are paper tigers. For the vast majority of us, it’s deciding to act upon what we imagine. The fact is, we can do almost anything we decide to do. Nike Corporation co-opted the phrase “Just … Continue reading

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Free Spirited

Does being a free spirit mean the person is irresponsible or does it mean someone who is eager to take a leap of faith? In my opinion, it’s the latter not the former. A free spirit doesn’t know exactly where … Continue reading

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Being Real

“We’re fond of thinking we’re the bee’s knees, aren’t we?” Jonathon’s question was more commentary than query, so I simply flashed my friend a mischievous grin. Without any pre-planning nor consultation with each other, both of us had dressed ourselves … Continue reading

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More Meanderings

We humans find it easy to think of ourselves as exceptions to many of the universe’s limitations.  The way our mind works, individually, subjectively, we have the sensation that we’re the center of the universe.  Sometimes, especially when we’re young, we … Continue reading

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