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Keep America Beautiful

At least twice each week, I take old grocery store bags and a grabber tool outdoors for a walk around the vacant city lots adjacent to my property. There are bits of paper, fast food containers, beverage bottles, and miscellaneous … Continue reading

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Spiritually Healthy

Being religious and being spiritual are two different concepts. In some instances they overlap and in other cases they don’t. I think it’s good to get that disclaimer out of the way because this post is not about religions nor … Continue reading

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So Much Littering

It was time to take a breather from household chores, so I paused to look out the window towards the river. That’s when I saw the plastic bag caught on a tree branch, flapping in the breeze. It’s annoying to … Continue reading

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Keeping America More Beautiful

Now that spring has settled into Nebraska for awhile, we see trees budding, flowers blooming, and discarded beverage containers. In the winter, there are much fewer empty bottles and cans on the vacant lot next door. This is due to … Continue reading

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This Is Keep America Beautiful Month

The day before yesterday I walked around my yard and the vacant property next door picking up litter. I found about  a bushel of the stuff. It consisted of beer cans, Mountain Dew cans, plastic Coke bottles, Burger King and … Continue reading

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