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Happy Friendship Day

There is a current cultural meme regarding living life without friends and close acquaintances that promotes the philosophy of solitude. It’s loosely based upon Stoic theories of self-reliance. It reads something like this, “It’s better to be alone than in … Continue reading

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Many of us understand deeply the state of isolation because we’ve experienced it in some form for a certain length of time. For the purposes of this short ramble I’m referring to isolation in the context of its harmful effects … Continue reading

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“We’re afraid to be alone, everybody got to have a home. Isolation.” —John Lennon Side one of “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was on the turntable with the stylus tracking the fifth song, “Isolation”. I’m not sure why I had decided … Continue reading

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Singles Appreciation Day

OK, so you’re single, unattached, or otherwise without a date for Valentine’s Day and you’ve made it through Desperation Day in one piece.  We’ve arrived at Singles Appreciation Day at last.  We have managed to get through some soul searching and … Continue reading

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It’s Desperation Day

Face it, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You might be one of many thousands of people who don’t have a date or a mate for the special day.  Some people panic at this realization.   What happened? Did they procrastinate?  Are they socially awkward?  … Continue reading

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Napoleon Died Alone?

Obscurity and exile for Napoleon Bonaparte marked his final chapter.  Napoleon’s first exile was short lived. In March of 1815, Bonaparte escaped Elba island and triumphantly marched to Paris where he returned to power.  He once again led France into … Continue reading

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I’ve long had the feeling that one of the major taboos of society is the condition of being alone.  By whatever means we may find ourselves without a partner in life or discover that we hold a minority viewpoint of … Continue reading

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