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More Slides from 1986

1986 was a landmark year in many respects. The Human Genome Project was launched and Internet Mail Protocol opened up to become the ubiquitous email. I was in the midst of experimenting with 35mm slides. There was the funeral of … Continue reading

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Some Slides From 1987

The 1980s marked the period of my life when I spent much time and cash on photography.  In the back of my mind, I harbored the fantasy of becoming a professional photographer. I enjoyed picture taking that much. There was … Continue reading

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During his last visit, Jorge mentioned that he felt another attack on civil liberties building up in the US.  Although he pays scant attention to the negativity of the mainstream news media sources, he cannot help but pick up on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Alice Cooper

Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders when I think about some of the musicians I listened to during my youth.  Amongst the albums in my collection, were 8-Track tapes of Alice Cooper.  Yes, 8-Tracks that I kept in the car … Continue reading

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Zoot Suit Hatred

Some of the results of war upon the American psyche are not always apparent at first blush.  The landswell of changes that happened because of U.S. involvement overseas in World War Two spiked some violent growing pains here at home. … Continue reading

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