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Worshipping Heroes

Earlier this month, one of my childhood heroes passed away. In my mind John Glenn will always be the astronaut who rode the “Friendship 7” Mercury capsule into orbit around the Earth. Earlier generations’ heroes were many, the brave service … Continue reading

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The Salt March

Purna Swaraj is the term the Indian nationalists used for complete self-rule apart from the British Empire.  The Indian tri-color flag was officially raised by Indian National Congress President Jawaharlal Nehru in Lahore on New Year’s Eve of 1929 as … Continue reading

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International Day Of Non-Violence

If we suffer throbbing pain day after day for weeks on end, we need more than an analgesic to alleviate pain. The pain is a warning sign that something might need medical attention. We need to treat the cause not just the symptom. … Continue reading

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International Day Of Non-Violence

In all probability, humans have used violent activity to attempt to achieve individual and group goals ever since our earliest evolution.  To the casual observer, it seems like the habit of using physical or mental vilence to achieve social and … Continue reading

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