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The Electrifying Fall Of Rainbow City (Review)

The early world expositions are fascinating studies by themselves. The expos exemplified the dreams and ideals of high-minded, progressive people of their times.  Some of the fairs became parts of history that were completely unanticipated by their organizers.  It was … Continue reading

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It’s Geronimo Day

He was one of the most famous prisoners of war and even had an audience with President Teddy Roosevelt.  The Apache chief and medicine man was also one of the most famous hold-outs against US expansionism and manifest destiny. His … Continue reading

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Rush For Gold

164 years ago, today, gold was discovered near Coloma, California at Sutters Mill by James Marshall. Today is the birthday of the most famous gold rush in the world. I won’t go into the particulars of the many events following the discovery … Continue reading

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