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Good Manners

The most dainty child and the most gruff redneck harbor sensitive feelings. We’re all “snowflakes” in some way. Resentments are planted and violence erupts when feelings are hurt. We may disguise our pains with the denial of a stiff upper … Continue reading

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What Has Happened To Civility?

It’s difficult enough to get along in life as it is. The difficulty increases as we encounter the incivility in the world. This state of affairs tempts me to believe those pop psychologists who say we are experiencing an epidemic … Continue reading

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Etiquette Shortage

Traditionally, girls were taught to curtsy and boys were taught to bow. I realize that I’m showing my age, but I wonder how many of my readers remember being taught that point of etiquette at school. In my fourth grade … Continue reading

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Something About Emily Post

Emily Post overshadowed her contemporary, Amy Vanderbilt, and was one of the role models for Judith Martin, aka. Miss Manners.  All three became famous as authorities on social behavior.  Emily Post, and later, Miss Manners based their advice by applying … Continue reading

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International Civility Awareness Month

At times, I feel despondent about the overabundance of boorish, uncouth, loutish speech and behavior in our nation and the world. The advocacy of self-centeredness and uncivility by many cultural leaders sometimes makes me want to throw my hands up … Continue reading

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