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It’s Another Pride Month

Just a few short years ago, the LGBT community could take a long, well-deserved, beautiful break from activism. Americans had finally won marriage equality, a major milestone in the movement. Most of us knew that marriage equality would not be … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality Day

Two years ago today, much of the nation waited breathlessly for a landmark Supreme Court decision. One way or another, a verdict would be given about a long, emotional struggle to have same-sex marriages legally recognized across the nation. The … Continue reading

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Speak Now (Review)

Now that marriage equality is a legal right in the United States, it is finally time to take a breath and look back at the long, arduous journey.  What has been called one of the country’s major civil rights trials, … Continue reading

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Outside Marriage Looking In

Love is not a social contract. Love does not conform to social rules.  Love does not restrict itself to religious interpretations.  Love is personal.  Love is a state of being. Love manifests itself in many mysterious forms. One of the … Continue reading

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