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Ides Of March

One of the most famous quotes about the month of March was penned by William Shakespeare for his play, “Julius Caesar”. “Caesar: The ides of March are come. Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not gone.” The ides of March or the … Continue reading

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Mars Up Close (Review)

As Autumn settles into Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, I find myself wanting to spend more quality time doing some armchair exploration, but not so much by the glow of a digital screen.   One of the best ways to do that is with a … Continue reading

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The Twin Mission To Mars

The Summer of 1969 was an incredible time for anybody interested in space exploration.  Plenty has been written about the historical mission of Apollo 11 and the first ever moon walk.  July 20th is an unforgettable date for those of … Continue reading

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Only One Planet

Since childhood, I inherited the trait of packratism.  Stuff has accumulated in the form of collections.  I have plenty of collections, some are nifty and others make me wonder what I was thinking at the time I started the collection. … Continue reading

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Humanity has romanticised sunrises and sunsets.  Volumes of stories and poetry have been written regarding mornings and evenings, even afternoons are highly regarded.  But only a handful of literature, plays, movies or even photography about noon come to most folks’ … Continue reading

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