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It’s MLK Day!

When we think about Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior, passion and power come to mind. He was a tireless promoter of treating everyone fairly. Passion is what motivated him to continue in the face of strong, mainstream opposition. King’s energetic … Continue reading

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Creatively Maladjusted

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not like the notion of passively accepting hurtful, harmful social norms. He stated that those who accept hate and injustice as just the way of the world, suffer a pathology. “There are some things … Continue reading

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Creative Maladjustment

Have you ever engaged in a heated quarrel with someone who seemed to disagree with every example you put forward and disavowed all the anecdotal evidence you presented? In turn, did you also find her clever examples and evidence appear inaccurate? … Continue reading

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Public Service

One of the most humbling and heartwarming aspects of my former work in media was the position of public service director. The job required me to canvass the communities in our station’s primary signal reach area and reach out to … Continue reading

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African-American History Month

A couple of weeks ago while watching a clip of “Saturday Night Live”, a segment including Leslie Jones impressed me.  She went on a rant about Black history.  Jones exclaimed, “Here’s my issue: We cram all of Black history into … Continue reading

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Worshipping Heroes

Earlier this month, one of my childhood heroes passed away. In my mind John Glenn will always be the astronaut who rode the “Friendship 7” Mercury capsule into orbit around the Earth. Earlier generations’ heroes were many, the brave service … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Defamation

2016 has seen an allegations-filled news cycle. The general election has especially been a contentious one.  So many accusations were cast out for public consumption that it has been difficult to  determine which ones are true and which ones are … Continue reading

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