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Picture Postcards

So far, I haven’t received one single picture postcard this year. I do get regular postcards though. Three times each year, a reminder from the dentist arrives as a check-up reminder. Frequently, hearing aid seller mass-mailer postcards appear with free … Continue reading

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It’s been a year since a lock of hair brought $35,000 at auction. The four-inch long swatch of hair was snipped from Beatle John Lennon’s head in Hamburg, Germany in 1966 by barber Klaus Baruck. Paul Fraser, a collector of … Continue reading

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Lost Items

I have an old silver dollar on a jewelry mount somewhere in my little house. The impulse to find it randomly popped into my brain yesterday afternoon. Who knows why? Urges just pop up sometimes. Anyway, the last place I … Continue reading

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Yet More Old Treasures

I’m still sorting through and processing the hundreds of artifacts that my late father stored inside of his oldest house.  While much of the stuff is easily relegated to the garbage heap, other items are worth a second look. Most … Continue reading

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An Issue of “American Boy”

I’ve finally opened up the second “time capsule” metal trunk that has been stored in dad’s old basement the past few decades.  It’s more mildewy than the green trunk mentioned in an earlier bluejayblog post. The artifacts are fewer, most … Continue reading

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A Few Great Plains Postcards

Among my many hobbies is picture postcard collecting.  No, I don’t think I have any particularly valuable postcards. At least I keep them semi-organized in some old cigar boxes.  Because this is National Photograph Month, I decided to share a … Continue reading

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