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To Think

I was thinking about thinking the other day. The thoughts arose from the “monkey mind” during informal meditation after being distracted by a barking neighborhood dog. My thoughts meandered into the concept of self. There seems to be an experiencing … Continue reading

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Do you ever wonder about the workings of your brain as regarding thoughts and memories? Unless we’re absolutely focused upon a task or engaged in meditation, random memories, resentments, joys, and visions pop up, uninvited. Some eastern spiritual teachers call … Continue reading

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Fragile Memories

After opening some of the files on a fairly new thumbdrive yesterday, I discovered that a great number of my favorite photos were corrupted and irretrievable. There were several more photos that could be seen, but had large portions of … Continue reading

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My friend Katie often launches into telling stories about her day to day life, then pauses midway through the telling. Next, she realizes she has already told me about the incident several times before. Katie usually says that she was … Continue reading

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The algorithm that selects advertisements that appear on websites I visit seems to have derailed. Ads for mattresses have been appearing for the last month. I don’t click on any of them because doing so would only encourage even more … Continue reading

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In the summer of 2010, my brother went to our old hometown for a couple of weeks because he felt nostalgic. He wanted to immerse himself in the surroundings of his childhood and relive the happiness of youth. During one … Continue reading

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Time Passages

I start today by solving an arithmetic story problem. It is one that was triggered by a comment on Facebook that said, “Do you realize that on March 11, 1986 it had been a million days since the founding of … Continue reading

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