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New Beginnings

Here we go again! The beginning day of yet another orbit around our star. Thank goodness we made it through the last orbital cycle in reasonably good condition. At the purely mundane level, we begin another fiscal year, another business … Continue reading

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The young man stepped off the curb just as the pickup truck entered the intersection. I honked the horn in my car, hoping to warn one or both about the dire circumstances that seemed imminent. The young man looked up … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Carefulness

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”–Kurt Vonnegut We eventually internalize our fa├žades so it behooves us to exercise carefulness when constructing our personas; otherwise we end up fooling ourselves. … Continue reading

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As we encounter situations that require decisions or that impact our lives we must weigh our options. Regarding those times when we must speak out and state our views, it is best to contemplate and reflect. Hasty, impulsive decisions and … Continue reading

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Most days were spent in a mental fog, during my 30s. This was due to a combination of sleep apnea and working the graveyard shift. Regardless of the amount of sleep and coffee intake, I rarely felt mentally up to … Continue reading

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Earlier this month, I had a good opportunity to mindfully experience frustration. The scenario got off to a start with me under-sleeping by about half an hour. Then, I discovered the sweatshirt I had planned to wear had a stain … Continue reading

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Most of my close friends cultivate a real world perspective, there’s a healthy measure of cynicism, a certain amount of skepticism, a dash of insecurity, and occasional bouts of restlessness. These are balanced with a measure of confidence, and surprising … Continue reading

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