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I drive a 22-year-old entry level Camry. I keep it for several reasons, including the fact that Toyota no longer manufactures Camrys with manual transmissions. The car still looks as nice as the day it rolled off the assembly line. … Continue reading

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A Few Coins

While sorting through antiques and coins to use for last Thursday’s (April 9th) post. I pondered some of the other coins and snapped some photos of them before taking most of the old loot back to the safe deposit box … Continue reading

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Contemplating Coins

Last month I separated a couple of hands full of coins from the stash drawer in my desk. (See the bluejayblog post from March 17th.) Well, I finally got around to looking up their values. It turns out that the … Continue reading

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Free Money Day!

I stopped at the bank yesterday to withdraw cash as several small denomination notes from my checking account to give away to  random people today.  I wish the currency could have been larger denomination bills, but I must try to get by on … Continue reading

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The Big Bills Are Pulled

Once upon a time, the US Treasury issued $100,000 currency notes. These were the highest denomination banknotes ever issued by the government.  The notes were not placed in general circulation; they were intended for internal transactions, like bank transfers. The … Continue reading

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The Dollar Becomes Official

Like many kids, I was taught about money and that it “doesn’t grow on trees”.  Because dad’s hobby was numismatics, the collecting of monetary objects, I received thumbnail histories of the major forms of money. I think I was seven … Continue reading

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Nickels And Half Dimes

I’m sure that the vast majority of people living in the United States associate the name “nickel” with five-cents. We learn the names of coins early in our lives. Pennies, nickels, and dimes are the first money we handle. The … Continue reading

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