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Events Don’t Know And Don’t Care

It’s time for another chance to rant. In the wake of major disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes, and so forth,┬ásome guardians of the public’s morality will claim that the cause of the disasters is that the nation “condones” gay people, … Continue reading

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An Insidious Insincerity

One of my acquaintances is very deeply closeted about being gay. ┬áNo amount of logic or discussion with him will alter this. Of course, it’s futile to try to change anyone’s mind, especially if the view is so deeply personal. … Continue reading

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Moralism (OpEd)

The woman looked older but was not wiser than her actual age. She loved to preach to the church goers around her at noon after the late service at the Methodist church. She rarely spoke gently and kindly, her monologues … Continue reading

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