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Admit it, we’ve all done something a bit unethical or unkind. Before and after the act was done, didn’t we feel heavy in the pit of our gut? That feeling of doubt, fear, and misgiving was much stronger than our … Continue reading

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On Rectitude

There has been a social refocusing upon inequality of socio-economic groups. The income gaps between the mega-wealthy, the middle class, and the working poor are the most obvious examples. There is also an apparent legal/justice gap between privileged individuals and … Continue reading

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Good Character

As I stared at the prism’s brilliant spectrum on the living room ceiling, the mind wandered onto the topic of good character. I wondered how it could be constructively addressed without becoming moralistic; because a moralistic approach is neither effective … Continue reading

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To mention that we live in a society that is awash in deception is to restate the obvious. We begin our childhood by being deceived by the adults around us. They rarely question the practice of deception; in fact, they … Continue reading

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Know Your Star

“What about your ruling star?” Without preamble, my young friend Jonathan asked this out of the blue. I wondered if he meant one of the stars in the evening sky, or was he curious about the ruling astronomical body in … Continue reading

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High Vision

Several years ago my vision clinic recommended a test for low vision. I went ahead and was checked. Thankfully, I had no significant symptoms of that severe visual impairment. (The term “low vision” seems like an odd misnomer, and I … Continue reading

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The Company We Keep

One of the earliest lessons we learn in childhood is that we are judged by the company we keep. If our parent taught us this, she was probably concerned about how we would develop our ideals, morals, and ethics. Literature … Continue reading

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