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Happy Arrr-gust

Are there any other violent criminals more romantically and favorably depicted as pirates?  It seems odd to celebrate armed robbery on the high seas. Piracy at sea is a violent crime that is classified as a capital offense by most nations. … Continue reading

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Justifying Evil

Arguably, human beings are the only species on Earth that harm and kill each other simply because of differences of opinions.  I’ve pondered this anomaly ever since my teenage years. Personally, I think this trait is a deplorable evil. If … Continue reading

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The Electrifying Fall Of Rainbow City (Review)

The early world expositions are fascinating studies by themselves. The expos exemplified the dreams and ideals of high-minded, progressive people of their times.  Some of the fairs became parts of history that were completely unanticipated by their organizers.  It was … Continue reading

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African Tyranny

No, bluejayblog is not an extention of my Facebook account. My statement of purpose is stated at the top of each page. “Here are my observations as I reach for understanding.” I come across topics and things that interest me.  … Continue reading

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