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Happy Canned Food Month

Sometimes I think about the old part-time job at a grocery store during my college years as a stockboy, many years ago, when I look at the cans of food in my kitchen. We young men cut the tops of the cardboard cases … Continue reading

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The Anglo Swedish War

Russia has been a major factor in the foreign relations of nations for centuries. This has been especially true in regards to Scandinavia. To the Russian factor, we find Britain’s relations with the European mainland, especially its dealings with France. The crazy quilt of … Continue reading

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Arc De Triomphe Is Inaugurated

Napoleon Bonaparte came up with the idea of a triumphal arch to salute the victories of his imperial armies in 1806.  Napoleon voiced his plan shortly after his victory at Austerlitz.  He had in mind the triumphal arches built in … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Victor Hugo

The words of Victor Hugo appear in various types of literature and are often cited in motivational and political circles. He accomplished the task of being incredibly intelligent while achieving intense popularity during his own time.  His major works are … Continue reading

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Napoleon Died Alone?

Obscurity and exile for Napoleon Bonaparte marked his final chapter.  Napoleon’s first exile was short lived. In March of 1815, Bonaparte escaped Elba island and triumphantly marched to Paris where he returned to power.  He once again led France into … Continue reading

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More From Bonaparte

The other day I was browsing the shelves at the Norfolk Public Library and came across some old history books.  While leafing through one of the oldest, I stopped at the entries for Napoleon Bonaparte.  Although he’s much maligned, Napoleon … Continue reading

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Louisiana Purchase

The land area of the United States was effectively doubled 209 years ago, today.  Napoleon Bonaparte’s representative François Barbé-Marbois along with Americans Robert Livingston and James Monroe, representing President Thomas Jefferson, signed the Louisiana Purchase Treaty. Because the U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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