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It’s a shame to limit our vocabulary as much as we have in contemporary society. In doing so, we have discarded the rich variety of words that enhance our messages to each other. Our statements lose their impact when we … Continue reading

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The Narcissist Next Door

“Where do you place yourself on the sliding scale of egotism from shrinking wallflower to narcissist?” My friend Jorge really knows how to put me on the spot. I answered that it changes from day to day and even hour … Continue reading

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What Has Happened To Civility?

It’s difficult enough to get along in life as it is. The difficulty increases as we encounter the incivility in the world. This state of affairs tempts me to believe those pop psychologists who say we are experiencing an epidemic … Continue reading

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The Selfishness Of Others (Review)

I’ve been encountering a lot of buzz about narcissists lately.  The most numerous and obvious references are about Donald Trump.  However, this popular obsession about narcissism predates the Trump election by more than a few years. The current young generation … Continue reading

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