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The Last Men On The Moon

The last fender-bender on our Moon happened during the last manned mission there. While Commander Eugene Cernan was loading gear onto the Lunar Rover, he accidentally caught his hammer on the right-rear fender and tore it off.  There were no … Continue reading

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CFCs And Ozone

Do you remember the good news about the atmosphere that was released last month? I caught the news in my daily headline feed from NASA September 10th. The mainstream news dropped it into newscasts around the first of this month. 300 top scientists … Continue reading

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Mars Up Close (Review)

As Autumn settles into Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, I find myself wanting to spend more quality time doing some armchair exploration, but not so much by the glow of a digital screen.   One of the best ways to do that is with a … Continue reading

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The Hubble Space Telescope Is Launched

Many of us can probably remember how and when we became interested in the night sky. The feeling of curiosity about the Moon, the Planets, the stars and galaxies seems instinctive to me.  People have studied the heavens before the … Continue reading

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Magnificent Desolation (Review)

In one way, astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s second autobiography, Magnificent Desolation, is like the tone poem by Richard Strauss, “Also Sprach Zarathustra”.  The first portion builds up to a dizzying climax and then settles into standard fare.  The “theme” to the … Continue reading

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The Echos

If you’re familiar with those small shiny, metallic Mylar plastic party balloons, you can imagine balloons of a far more massive size made out of much the same material. Aerospace and atmospheric scientists originally thought up the idea of using large, … Continue reading

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New Horizons

There are times when I wish I had the talent for mathematics. I could hardly make heads or tails of the subject while I was in grade school.  It wasn’t until I took some refresher courses at the local community … Continue reading

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