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“There’s quite a crowd here today enjoying the pure Americana of the game.” I heard beloved, long time broadcast play-by-play announcer, Duane Kuiper say that during a lull in the second inning while announcing the Giants game the other day. … Continue reading

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Such Cruelty

It’s a very rare individual who has not been the target or witness of cruelty. This evil act and state of mind has infected human relationships since time immemorial. Our history, literature, psychology, and human relationships have dealt with it … Continue reading

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Everybody Hurts

Jorge called for me to come into the kitchen for breakfast.  On the table were two large, steaming bowls of “Coco Wheats” cereal. I laughed and said I hadn’t enjoyed it since I was a little boy.  Jorge winked and said I … Continue reading

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U.S. Flag Day

As a child, I grew up under three different U.S. flags.  As a family, we owned one of each.  I started out under the 48 star flag.  For about a year, dad flew the 49 star flag.  He retired that … Continue reading

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