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Lonesome Dreamer (Review)

I finally got around to reading the latest biography of the former poet laureate of Nebraska, Lonesome Dreamer: The Life of John G. Neihardt. The man was a noteworthy figure in Northeast Nebraska who grew up and worked for awhile … Continue reading

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The Republic Of Lakotah

When news of the Lakota Freedom Delegation’s visit to Washington, DC cleared the AP newswire, on December 17, 2007, I immediately connected the dots about my home state.  Over half of Nebraska is in the territorial domain of the Republic … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man

It was an Internet meme that repeatedly appeared in emails and social media posts to me that restarted my curiosity about the archaeological work around the so-called Kennewick Man. Shortly following the public release of the results of facial reconstruction … Continue reading

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It’s National Bird Day

Like most folks, I know what a robin looks like, cardinals are super easy. Of course, my favorite birds are blue jays.  However, I’m terrible at identifying most birds. I know about crows and ravens, but it takes me awhile … Continue reading

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International Chocolate Day

To trigger your taste buds and imagination, all I needed to do today was to use the word “chocolate” in the title of this post. It doesn’t matter where you live, you know chocolate.   It may be written out as: çikolata, … Continue reading

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Occupy Alcatraz

Whenever I hear about another “Occupy…” movement taking place, I think about one of my generation’s original “Occupy Actions”. 79 Native Americans boated away from the docks of San Francisco very early on November 20, 1969.  The group was comprised … Continue reading

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There is a lot more to the legends of the old American West than cowboys and indians.  In fact, the less glamorous side of the pioneer history of the United States is the development of America’s main food growing regions. … Continue reading

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