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Oppressively Positive?

With the plethora of chirpy feel-good slogans in the world, we are left with the implication that if only we think positively enough and act pro-actively enough the “Universe” will make our fondest wishes come true. We also encounter the contemporary … Continue reading

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That Green-eyed Monster

During one of our heart to heart talks, my first lover told me that I was too possessive. Early in our relationship, he found my jealousy somewhat charming, but later on, my jealousy began to feel stifling. I listened and … Continue reading

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Thinking About Optimism

I wonder if having an optimistic outlook on life is mostly inborn or learned.  Our personalities are complicated.  Psychologists are not precisely sure whether optimism can be successfully learned or if a sunny disposition is part of some people’s general … Continue reading

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During much of my life, I’ve ironically criticised the United States as being a nation of critics.  I’ve also realized the hypocrisy of thinking and saying this. But all of us are hypocrites from time to time, just because we’re humans. … Continue reading

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Angry Folks

A couple of weeks ago, the anger was overwhelmingly present here in the heart of the United States.  Some people were defaced with unhappiness and heavy with mental upset.  Plenty of people were openly and vociferously resentful.  They had certainly … Continue reading

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