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Off To Dreamland

I was in the middle of a guided tour of New York City with Charlie Brown this morning, when everything turned for the worse.  We had just finished riding through Midtown Manhattan on our blue, ten-speed bikes when we decided … Continue reading

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Dutch American Friendship Day

I still fondly remember my solitary bicycle ride through the countryside south of Amsterdam, several years ago.  Perhaps it is because of the ordinariness of the day that I can easily visualize the sights and sensations of the place. I … Continue reading

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The Confederate Arson Plot In New York

Terrorist attacks are not a recent wartime development by any means.  As a matter of fact, a terrorist action was aimed at New York City during the latter part of the U.S. Civil War. The original plan to burn down … Continue reading

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New York Riots Of 1863

Backlash against civil and social reform has been a shameful aspect of political life in the United States. The worst civil insurrection or backlash in American history happened on today’s date in 1863.  The chaotic violence is collectively known as … Continue reading

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Dedication Of Liberty

It was late one October morning several years ago when I boarded the ferryboat to take another load of tourists from Manhattan Island to Liberty Island.  I had earlier thought about skipping the visit to see the Statue Of Liberty … Continue reading

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