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Creatively Maladjusted

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not like the notion of passively accepting hurtful, harmful social norms. He stated that those who accept hate and injustice as just the way of the world, suffer a pathology. “There are some things … Continue reading

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The Wild Side

I dreamt about James Dean early this morning. It was just prior to awakening from sleep. I can only paraphrase what he told me. “We are all being groomed to be like cattle, just to be slaughtered later.” We know … Continue reading

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So Weird

Weirdness and ambiguity have always seemed attractive to me. Cookie cutter conformity and the status quo seem bland and sad. Once I deliberately tried to live what seems to be the lifestyle of a mainstream, Midwestern American male. This experience … Continue reading

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To Conform

I’m of two minds about conformity. It is a social good to cooperate with certain rules that help us stay alive such as health standards, highway traffic regulations, and laws aimed at curbing violent crime and fraud. However, there are … Continue reading

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Unconventional …Floral Friday

Floral Friday arrangements are usually unusual but not because of a deliberate attempt to be unconventional. Today is an exception to that rule of thumb. I actually set out to create projects that are just a little bit off base. … Continue reading

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