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Some Pop Philosophy

My pal Jonathan and I had been walking in silence as we took in the crisp, cold autumn air along the southern city limits of Norfolk, Nebraska. We had been sauntering along the city’s bike/hike trail just east of Ta … Continue reading

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Contemplation At The Cemetery

In the distant past, Prospect Hill Cemetery was to the northwest, outside the city limits of Norfolk, Nebraska. In the not so distant past, the city has expanded. Now, the cemetery lies well within the boundaries of Norfolk. One might … Continue reading

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A Few Additions I Have Known

I held the old San Francisco street map and wondered whether or not to completely unfold it because it’s such a pain to refold traditional paper highway maps. I finally decided to open it one fold at a time, then … Continue reading

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Contemplating Legacy Yet Again

While waiting in a row of cars at the traffic signal earlier this week, I glanced at the older Subaru station wagon in front of me. It was a “Legacy”. It seems like whenever I’m stopped behind one of those … Continue reading

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The Evacuation (long)

You might describe the gathering as a mandatory party that nobody wanted or planned to attend. This past Thursday, the powers that be in charge of Norfolk, Nebraska city government ordered a mandatory evacuation for approximately one-third of the town. … Continue reading

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Nebraska… The Good Life

When I moved back to Nebraska after several years living elsewhere, I scoffed at the highway signs at the borders proclaiming “Nebraska… The Good Life”. On the face of it, a lot of people think this flyover state is mediocre, … Continue reading

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The Hoarfrost Appeared

Earlier this month fog shrouded much of Northeast Nebraska. The first time I noticed it was around 3:30 in the morning. At that time it was unremarkably light. The next time I looked out the window, at 5:00, visibility was … Continue reading

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