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Who Was Fridtjof Nansen?

I discovered Fridtjof Nansen one long ago day of my youth when grandpa Johnson and I were going through a stack of books he wanted to lend to me.  Grandpa thought I’d be especially interested in a musty old book … Continue reading

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Now that we’re finally finished with high calorie holiday eating, it boggles my mind that somebody decided to designate today as National Buffet Day.  What were they thinking?  Obviously they were not enamored with New Year’s resolutions. While chuckling at … Continue reading

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The Anglo Swedish War

Russia has been a major factor in the foreign relations of nations for centuries. This has been especially true in regards to Scandinavia. To the Russian factor, we find Britain’s relations with the European mainland, especially its dealings with France. The crazy quilt of … Continue reading

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Vinland Is Discovered

I count myself as one of those people who love a great adventure saga. The closer to truth the odyssey appears to be, the more curious I become. The more a story is glossed over, the more fascinated with it I am. The … Continue reading

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Icelandic National Day

We seldom give much thought to Iceland unless some sort of peace negotiations are taking place in Reykjavik.  Or,  you perhaps still remember all the worrisome news in March of 2010 about the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption that blew massive quantities … Continue reading

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Henrik Ibsen The Modernist

I wonder just how many other people became curious about the life and works of  playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen because of a television variety show.  One of my favorite regular features of “Rowen And Martin’s Laugh-In” was when the … Continue reading

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Saami National Day

I have mentioned in earlier posts that my paternal ancestors have some Saami overlap in our Swedish heritage. I’ve long held a strong interest in my Swedish roots. I only had the standard maps of Europe and Scandinavia for reference during … Continue reading

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