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Eventual Obscurity

Last week I began the process of culling photos out of the WordPress media library for this blog because they are ineffiently taking up a lot of bandwidth. This blog’s library is already reaching it’s capacity on a paid platform … Continue reading

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Impossible Nostalgia

Time was passing by in reverse as I viewed antique photos that had been given to dad several years ago by Janet, one of dad’s cousins. She frequently visited northern Sweden in her ongoing quest to investigate our family’s history. … Continue reading

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As we carry on with living our lives we may notice a desire to advance and improve our lives and circumstances but this is contradicted by the compelling desire to cling to an idealized notion of the past. This see-saw … Continue reading

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Triggered By The Carts

Thursday, I wrote about losing sleep due to memories about my last broadcasting job. I attribute the rediscovery of a stack of five carts to what amounts as an extended flashback. As mentioned in Thursday’s post, “cart” is the industry … Continue reading

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Rural/Urban Daydreaming

I’d like to get away from Nebraska for a few days, starting today. The urge has been bubbling below the surface for a couple of months, but erupted to the surface this morning. You might say this is an advanced … Continue reading

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Pondering Nostalgia

I touched upon the life of a recently departed acquaintance a couple of weeks ago on this blog. One of his ironic quirks was that he had a dim view of nostalgia. Perhaps he had this attitude because of his … Continue reading

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Mid Century Inspired

To go along with the two posts this week that used nostalgia as a theme, I decided to try for a hat trick. This third post is a complete surrender to the golden oldie impulse. Three mid-20th-century containers were in … Continue reading

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