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Brian, an attorney acquaintance, shared his coffee break with me last week. He explained that he wanted to take a vacation break but the sentencing portion of a criminal trial had not yet been completed. The vacation would allow him … Continue reading

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There are those who say one cannot achieve complete objectivity when observing and describing events. This argument is usually used as a reason to excuse slanted and biased news coverage. There is a basic nugget of truth to the objectivity … Continue reading

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To Think

Shortly after booting up the laptop this morning, its software began a “critical update”. This was unusual and unexpected, so my mind was thrown for a loop. My morning routine had been interrupted. My thoughts had been shifted away from … Continue reading

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A Subjective View Of Objectivity

Ever since I’ve been observing and writing about things and events, I’ve encountered the paradox of striving to be objective through the unavoidable fact of subjectivity. That is, the observer’s point of view changes everything. Whatever I observe and experience, … Continue reading

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In Neutral (Op-Ed)

The outdoors temperature moderated somewhat the other day, so I decided to drive the ol’ Camry to the automated car-wash. I paid the fee then queued behind a few other vehicles. Finally, it was my turn. The instructions on a … Continue reading

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In my humble opinion, I never used to think of myself as opinionated. This belief was revealed to be false after remembering the maxim, “Birds of a feather flock together”. Since a great many of my friends and associates have … Continue reading

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