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Confront Fears

I started to open up my laptop this morning not knowing what to write. The lid was half-opened when I saw the prompt for today’s post. A medium-small spider had perched herself¬†on the screen. I powered up my device but … Continue reading

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The major obstacle to discovery is neither stupidity nor ignorance; it is the belief that we have the best knowledge. My friend Arnie, a retired high school art teacher, said something to that effect. Indeed, know-it-alls have a certain mindset … Continue reading

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An Observation

My anxiety level often increases when police are present. It’s not that I’m a criminal nor have I committed some minor infraction of the law. It’s simply an involuntary emotional reaction. Perhaps it is the visual presentation of their vehicles. … Continue reading

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When I had free access to dad’s small acreage in Wayne County, Nebraska, early mornings were set aside to enjoy the dawn. Even though the place was across the road from a truck trailer manufacturing factory, the atmosphere was silent … Continue reading

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The small, brilliant spider worked hard to extricate a leaf fragment that had blown into her web. It was fascinating to watch her carefully remove the portions of the web where the leaf had stuck. I went back inside the … Continue reading

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The Sensational Raisin

There’s a simple exercise that was brought to light by the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh and the Zen teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn called the “Raisin Meditation”. It’s basically a mindfulness exercise. I like the Raisin Meditation because it’s capable of … Continue reading

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Composed Stillness

I’m keeping track of a large daddy-longlegs parked in one of the upper corners of the music room. At first, I thought it might be dead because it hadn’t seemed to move for a couple of days.¬† I decided to … Continue reading

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