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Considering The Reuben

Some American cities have certain, special foods. Philadelphia has Philly Cheesesteak. Chicago brags about its pizza. New Orleans proclaims its Jambalya and Gumbo. Then there is humble Omaha, Nebraska–the birthplace of the Reuben Sandwich. According to local legend, grocer Reuben … Continue reading

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Tippy’s Noodles

Dad’s second wife, Tippy was a very intuitive woman. She was born and raised in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. She was a farmer’s daughter who helped tend her family’s rice paddy during the times she wasn’t attending school. Her … Continue reading

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A Few Additions I Have Known

I held the old San Francisco street map and wondered whether or not to completely unfold it because it’s such a pain to refold traditional paper highway maps. I finally decided to open it one fold at a time, then … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Warren Buffett

A person living in Nebraska can rarely get by without hearing something about the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett. He’s a larger than life character with a cult-like following around the world.  People want to be filthy-rich, just like him. … Continue reading

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The 1966 Omaha Riots

The shadow of insidious racism sometimes appears in my home state of Nebraska.  It’s not obvious like the kind found in states of the former Confederacy.  Most of the time it lies beneath the surface and is not mentioned in … Continue reading

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The 1898 Expo

The United States was well on the road to recovery from the financial panic of 1893 and an event was deemed necessary to prove the recovery was real. What was needed was some sort of fair or exposition to both … Continue reading

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Carson Begins On The Tonight Show

51 years ago, today, was a major event for entertainer, Johnny Carson, and the rest of the United States. October 1, 1962, Carson replaced Jack Parr as permanent host of NBC-TV’s “The Tonight Show”. I’ve written about Johnny Carson earlier … Continue reading

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