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Is Today Opposite Day?

Is a question the opposite of a statement? If I ask whether or not today is Opposite Day is it Opposite Day or is it not Opposite Day? Is this how to get around the paradox about announcing that today … Continue reading

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Happy Same Day

Today the calendar reads 09/09 so the month and day have the same number. This is true for both the numerical calendar configured in the American or the European style. So I’ll dub today “Same Day”. No, I actually won’t, … Continue reading

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Opposite Day

Who has not pondered the liar paradox?  That is the scenario when a liar states that she/he is lying.  If the liar is lying that person is telling the truth; which, in turn means the liar is lying. The liar … Continue reading

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Another Opposite Day

Happy Oppposite Day, or maybe not.  Sometimes I like to think about the contrarians in my life but other times I deny the existence of contrarian attitudes.  Is today the day to think about dichotomies? Have you ever wondered if … Continue reading

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