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Remembering The Holocaust

In the presence of oppression and tyranny, by not speaking out, we lose our innocence and morality. At no time in history was this statement more true than during the nightmare of the Holocaust. “The sad and horrible conclusion is … Continue reading

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Human Rights Month

The cry for equal rights is an alarm signal that draws attention to the unfairness in society. The most vital right is the the ethical responsibility to treat all citizens equally in all matters. This value is simple on the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Freedom

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”–George Washington I sometimes ponder the concept of freedom after hearing about or reading about yet another person imprisoned or … Continue reading

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“You’re Free To Go” I heard the old song on the radio while standing in a queue to pay for a few items at the Dollar General store. One of those weekend country music countdown shows had featured the Jim … Continue reading

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Freedom Is Under Attack

My community is among others under serious attack by the current Administration. It’s painful to witness that the very hard-won freedoms our community has struggled piece by piece to achieve are at grave risk. Whether by executive order, aided by … Continue reading

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To Scapegoat

If we observe social structures, it seems that most of them have sacrificial characters. In the modern era, the scapegoat is the person or subculture that is conjured up to bear the blame for the shortcomings of everyone else. In … Continue reading

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How Fascism Works (Review)

Many voters and political observers have noticed an ever-expanding trend of authoritarianism in the United States and in several other nations. Several of these observers have drawn parallels between the current state of affairs and the rise of fascism and … Continue reading

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