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Pondering Vice

I stumbled across my old, favorite ashtray this week. It was originally part of a set of Fiestaware dishes I bought at a neighbor’s garage sale back in 1979. I wanted the dinner ware because my old, odds and ends … Continue reading

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Something About Bugsy Siegel

Benjamin Siegel could probably be classified as a psychopathic murderer.  His activities included hustling, bootlegging, drug trafficking, and killing.  He was capable of murdering someone without hesitation then snatch their valuables. As a criminal, Siegel was a frightful, terrible man. On the … Continue reading

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Anti-Corruption Day

I had just changed some of my American currency into Rupees at the Mumbai airport and tucked the new Indian money away into my wallet.  My sponsor told me to keep Rs 500 in my hand because we would need … Continue reading

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Pretty Boy Floyd

I stumbled across an historically questionable movie on the Web late this past summer featuring Pretty Boy Floyd. The movie, “Public Enemies” piqued my interest in unsavory characters. As far as notorious criminals go, Pretty Boy Floyd was one of the most unsettling gangsters. … Continue reading

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I glanced at my calendar for today and noticed that one of American history’s biggest social experiments was set in motion on this date in 1917. Congress approved the wording of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Production, distribution … Continue reading

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