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The End Of Tsarist Russia (Review)

I noticed The End of Tsarist Russia: The March to World War I & Revolution during the lead up to the December holiday season.  Despite the timing, I knew this was a must read book.  The urge to bring it … Continue reading

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Great Union Day

I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts that I wish the school systems could teach more Eastern European history in high school. If I could have had just a simple, working knowledge of the principalities and small nations, I would have been inspired to … Continue reading

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Suleiman the Magnificent

In Asia Minor, he was called Kānūnī Sultān Suleimān-i evvel or Suleiman the lawgiver. He was born in the opening year of Islam’s tenth century, AH 900, or by western reckoning, on November 6, 1494. By the time he had reached 13 years … Continue reading

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Lord Byron’s Beginnings

My college poetry instructor allowed the class to simply skim over the early biography of Lord Byron. I think this move enabled us to become more curious about the poet’s life.  Ever since that class, I’ve enjoyed the Romantic poets even … Continue reading

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The arcane background of Saudi Arabia continues to be mysterious to most westerners.  What comes to mind first is the vast reservoir of petroleum beneath a volumnous desert. We think of Arab Sheiks driving around in their Rolls Royce’s and … Continue reading

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Istanbul Not Constantinople

I was less than a year old when the song, “Istanbul Not Constantanople” was recorded by “The Four Lads”.  I apparently picked up on the numerous airings of the song on the radio when I was an infant, because the … Continue reading

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