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Anticipated Nostalgia

The Moon is in its Waxing Gibbous phase today. It’s approximately 70-percent illuminated, so its reflected light onto the neighborhood early this morning was considerable. Even without binoculars, I could make out irregularities on the Moon’s surface. Ever since our … Continue reading

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One of the most maligned aspects of winter, besides cold, is the amount of darkness. I enjoy both the cold and the dark of winter. ¬†Winter is a profound time of year. No, I’m not into occult beliefs nor any … Continue reading

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Inner Space

So many of us humans concern ourselves with altering the lives of other humans. We invest time in forming alliances and social institutions and rules to control people. Of course history has shown that when people are forced to conform … Continue reading

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Examining The Sky

We can all remember certain events that expanded our consciousness in some major way. For me, one of those was the very first time I looked through a powerful telescope at the night sky. A grade-school pal’s father’s hobby was … Continue reading

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Happy Space Exploration Day

I think today should be celebrated in the same manner that the US celebrates Columbus Day. Perhaps it should even supplant Columbus Day. But, that’s just my opinion. Throughout the Americas, Columbus Day commemorates the anniversary of Columbus’ landing in … Continue reading

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The Treaty Of 1967

The question, “Who owns Outer Space?” seems absurd, on the face of it.¬† I mean, Outer Space is that seemingly infinite place, of which we are but the tiniest speck. Only the most arrogant of nations and people could ever … Continue reading

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Rings Of Saturn

July 1, 2004 marked an historical first in the exploration of the Solar System. The Saturn Orbital Insertion maneuver took place when the Cassini spacecraft flew through the large gap between Saturn’s F and G rings. The event was the … Continue reading

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