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A life lived in fearfulness is an unpleasant life. It is unattractive to those around us and ugly to ourselves. There are many categories of fear: fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of darkness, fear of crowds, fear … Continue reading

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My friend Kari had a mean ol’ Monday this week. Kari suffered through a severe toothache all last weekend long. She scheduled a dentist appointment for first thing, even before work, in the morning. Her dentist performed a root canal because … Continue reading

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Such A Headache

I used to live with a coworker who was obsessed with both vocal classical music and country music. This combination still seems very strange even for such an eccentric individual as Paul. A typical afternoon after Paul’s shift might include … Continue reading

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So Much Stress

Here’s a quick reminder before we get started on today’s topic: this is not a personal crisis self-help blog, there are already many other places to check out for advice. However, if my words help you in some small way, … Continue reading

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What A Pain

A couple of weeks ago, my email account was hacked. At first there were several mails saying messages could not be delivered. These were messages to unfamiliar email addresses. Soon, more of these alerts appeared. When more than 100 at … Continue reading

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Pain Awareness Month

It started innocently while performing one of the most mundane tasks imaginable. After sweeping the kitchen floor, I stooped down to pick up the dustpan. Halfway down, I instantly felt the stabbing pain. I knew right away that my back … Continue reading

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Relief Of Pain

When we feel a headache or other physical pain, most of us reach for some sort of analgesic to relieve it.  When we feel the inevitable pains of grief, separation, betrayal, heartbreak, loneliness, or sadness we might wish there was a similar … Continue reading

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