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My Panic

You never forget your very first panic attack. At least that’s what I’ve been told and have verified by personal experience. I can close my eyes and effortlessly set up the scenario. I’m now able to use the visualizations about … Continue reading

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The past couple of years, my long-lost emotional companion, anxiety has reacquainted itself with me. Thankfully, I’ve “only” had a few full-blown panic attacks during my life. The last near-panic occurred during a February blizzard–something I normally enjoy. I was … Continue reading

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Ruminating Or Worrying?

Dad’s worrying was a microcosm of humanity’s thinking. He knew that I was aware of his habit of worrying. He was fond of saying that he didn’t actually worry, he ruminated. Just the act of writing those sentences is to … Continue reading

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If I knew that I was to go blind tomorrow, I would look carefully at everything around me.  I’d treasure the sight of every cloud, every star, every tree, every creature. I would meditate upon my friend and lover. What … Continue reading

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As I write this I notice that the thermometer reads minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit/minus 18 Celsius.  The storm windows are half frosted over.  So even when I try to look out of the windows, I can’t see anything but the … Continue reading

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