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As we carry on with living our lives we may notice a desire to advance and improve our lives and circumstances but this is contradicted by the compelling desire to cling to an idealized notion of the past. This see-saw … Continue reading

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Deutsche Kommunikation

A mental switch clicked on the moment I realized I was thinking in German. It happened after I had completed studying for a quiz for the high school German language class. It was a sophomore level elective course that I … Continue reading

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Personally Transformed

If you have ever browsed through one of the numerous self-help books and websites available today, you have probably noticed the phrase, “personal transformation”. This generally means that a person has become happy and has discovered aspects about themselves they … Continue reading

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Put It Into Perspective

Jonathan asked about the qualities I admire in people. Did my early role models live up to them? Looking my friend in the eyes, I answered that it was a complicated question and to give me a few moments to … Continue reading

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