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So Passive

“Sunday is the most passive day of my week.” A young friend made that statement a few days ago while we enjoyed coffee in my kitchen. The friend said it in a resigned, dispassionate manner. I asked, “Why do you … Continue reading

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Leaving It Alone

As I go about doing chores, my mental radio often loops songs. I think the DJ is a scatterbrain, but that’s just how the music fragments are played. This morning, DJ Monkey Mind kept looping the ending moments of the … Continue reading

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The Flow

There is an aspect of life that we can either fight or submit to. That is the flow of life. Some people advocate going against the flow and others say we should go with the flow. I’m of the mind … Continue reading

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Going With The Flow

Last month, the air and ground in my neighborhood was filled with the fuzzy fluff from cottonwood trees. This spring was also noteworthy for an overabundance of dandelions in town. These are¬†examples of plants that use the flow of wind … Continue reading

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Like it or not, there are no frozen moments. Time flows on and so do we. So, how do we move through the world? Do we resist or do we do so gently? There is a common bit of pithy … Continue reading

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