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Urgency And Relaxation

I left home for the dentist’s clinic about ten-minutes earlier than usual because the staff might need to issue some paperwork to be completed. A third of the way to the clinic, the railroad crossing signals activated to halt traffic. … Continue reading

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Hello! Most likely, I’ve just greeted ten people simply by posting today’s blog page. Today is World Hello Day. The commemoration encourages us to greet ten people today. Technically, I probably met my personal goal by simply adding the thumbnail … Continue reading

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Sweet Silence

As I waited for my favorite stray to approach for his kibble, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of noise. Even the mysterious, ever-present outdoors hum was gone. My tinnitus was absent. I looked down at the sidewalk and noticed … Continue reading

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Outdoor Meditation

Actual springtime in Nebraska finally settled in a couple of weeks ago. Most of us were impatient for the end of snows and to begin the time of severe storms, tornadoes, and budding plants. I’m being facetious, of course. People who … Continue reading

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International Sauntering Day

I think I like the idea of International Sauntering Day for more than a few reasons.  One point is simply the word, “sauntering”.  It’s fun to investigate the etymology of arcane words that modern people rarely use in conversation.  The … Continue reading

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