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Kiss A Ginger Day 2022

Today is a red-letter day that brings a grin to red-heads who celebrate it–Kiss a Ginger Day. I have no clue as to why January twelfth was chosen–perhaps it was simply out of ginger-serendipity. If it was up to me, … Continue reading

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“To write is a relief from life’s problems. It is a way in which you revenge yourself. In art, the writer achieves utopia. But any attempt to achieve social utopia is bound to catastrophe. If you want a society of … Continue reading

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Red Hair

This post comes about by a somewhat auspicious coincidence. I stumbled across a nifty new book about red haired people; read it; decided to review it for you; then discovered “Love Your Red Hair Day” is today. I noticed that … Continue reading

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Some Holocaust Memorials

I take time out, at this time each year, to study and ponder the implications of the Holocaust. The extent of the crimes, altogether, is too much to take in all at once, so I usually focus on one aspect.  … Continue reading

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