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On Limitations

The personal development and self-improvement fields famously promote the idea of exceeding one’s limitations. That is, if we shrink away from expanding our boundaries and skillsets, we probably will not achieve our goals. Generally speaking, this is excellent advise. After … Continue reading

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Pondering Self-Control

There is a world of difference between using punishment to control someone and using self-control to enhance oneself. The first is coercive and the latter is voluntary. This is a touchy matter when we consider how much legislation is necessary … Continue reading

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As we grow older, many of us choose to play it safe and settle into our comfort zones. By doing so we limit our potential and shut out new opportunities. Then there are people who spread their wings and try … Continue reading

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The Film Of Our Lives

Life is not a snapshot. Life is dynamic, dramatic, and action-packed. Life is a movie. Each of us are the featured stars. Every day is a new scene with its own sub-plot and supporting characters. The movie theme is unique … Continue reading

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Settling For The Unacceptable

Whenever we settle for the mundane or the unacceptable, our inner light dims a little more. If we are not narcissistic, it turns out that we’re better than we realize. If we fully understood this, we probably would never settle for anything … Continue reading

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National Kick Butt Day

The English language has some crazy idioms. To “kick ass” or “kick butt” is one of the more puzzling phrases. The usual explanation regards disciplinary action by naval petty officers or shore patrol. The SP would isolate the ringleaders of a … Continue reading

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