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Orange is a mellow, nonchalant, trusting feline; he’s the walking stereotype of a cool cat. While petting him this morning, I reminisced about other cats I’ve known over the years and how each of them had different temperaments. My sister’s … Continue reading

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The Ambivert Geek?

Before I settled upon the name “bluejayblog” in 2011 I had considered naming the blog “The Ambivert Geek?”. The reasoning behind the name was that I’m neither an extrovert nor an introvert so ambivert is a good fit. Also, I … Continue reading

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Am I Introverted?

There probably aren’t pure extroverts nor pure introverts. In my opinion, our personalities fall along a sliding scale between the two classifications. By my non-professional reckoning, we are ambiverts who function along a spectrum to varying degrees, according to social … Continue reading

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Establishing Boundaries

I awaken each day and I’m not yet ready to become engaged in the world. This state of mind lasts a minute or two until the mind urges me to get up and begin the day. I feel the constraints … Continue reading

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Jorge watched me get ready to prepare coffee in the French press. As I added dark roast beans to the electric grinder, my friend asked me to add a few more because he craved extra caffeine. I also ran the … Continue reading

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