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I was quite a shy boy throughout my school years, so I didn’t know that classmates believed I was stuck up and aloof until I reached twelfth grade. The realization triggered a life-long exploration of self-improvement and personal development. To … Continue reading

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Orange is a mellow, nonchalant, trusting feline; he’s the walking stereotype of a cool cat. While petting him this morning, I reminisced about other cats I’ve known over the years and how each of them had different temperaments. My sister’s … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

I believe everyone has a dark side of their personality. I don’t believe everyone’s dark side is the same type nor degree. One person’s dark side may include fantasies of committing felonies while another person’s dark side may be the … Continue reading

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Marcus Is Conscientious

My old pal Marcus is one of the most conscientious people I know.┬áHis mantra is, “When I’m doing something, do it well”. He’s not a perfectionist nor does he suffer from OCD. Marcus is just one of those rare people … Continue reading

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Cool And Composed

The 44th President of the United States of America is┬ásomeone who exhibits a great amount of composure. In and out of office, Barack Obama has never publicly lost his calm, thoughtful demeanor. Regardless of one’s personal opinion of Mr. Obama, … Continue reading

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