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The Bright Side Of Life

An earworm crept into my mind today and I can’t seem to shake it. It’s not too annoying, though. It’s the refrain from the Monty Python song, “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. Although the song presents some … Continue reading

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Sort Of Optimistic

Is optimism one of those emotions that run on a spectrum? That is, does it run from mildly optimistic to bullish? Our optimism fluctuates from hour to hour and day to day. Most of the time, I tend to be … Continue reading

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Curmudgeon Or Crosspatch

I am at the age which qualifies me to be an authentic curmudgeon. It is possible for this state of mind to devolve into becoming a crosspatch. The difference matters, regarding interpersonal relationships and personal well-being. You might say a … Continue reading

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Cautiously Optimistic

Yesterday began as a stereotypical Monday. There were a few things that weren’t working properly. In addition to the technical difficulties, “mild” headache enabled mindless pessimism and an owly demeanor. Then, as I peered through the venetian blinds, I noticed the … Continue reading

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The Bright Side

Ancient Rome’s Philosopher Emperor, Marcus Aurelius wrote, “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” It’s hard to come up with such positive, sage advice such as the above quotation. I want the … Continue reading

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Thinking About Optimism

I wonder if having an optimistic outlook on life is mostly inborn or learned.  Our personalities are complicated.  Psychologists are not precisely sure whether optimism can be successfully learned or if a sunny disposition is part of some people’s general … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Optimism

My friend Jorge was on his way back home to Denver after his most recent job to begin a two-week vacation.  There was no immediate deadline to return the truck and his boss okayed a one day layover in Nebraska.  We found … Continue reading

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